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Military-Themed 'Buns and Guns' Restaurant Opens in Lebanon

At the "Buns and Guns" fast food restaurant, deep in Beirut's Hezbollah-dominated southern suburbs, the chefs wear military helmets, the food is wrapped in camouflage paper, and the motto is "a sandwich can kill you".

The restaurant opened three weeks ago, with a military theme that is drawing in a sector of Lebanese proud of Hezbollah's battlefield successes. Buns and Guns is made out to look like a military post and diners eat to the sound of gunfire instead of muzak.

Sandbags cover the exterior - a grim, and perhaps inadvertent, reminder of what Lebanon's government buildings looked like during the 1975-1990 civil war - and the interior is festooned with camouflage nets, defused mortar shells, and live ammunition.


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