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Villa Escudero: The Waterfall Resturaunt in Phillippines

Villa Escudero Resort is located in Quezon Province, Philippines, and it offers a vast hacienda filled with comfortable rooms, and a museum of curious things.

For a truly unique experience they offer an incredible Waterfalls Restaurant. Food is served as water cascades down a waterfall feed by a natural spring. The water flows across your feet as you dine from grass fringed buffet stations and bamboo dining tables serving up sumptuous local dishes.


How to Choose The Best of Hosting For Your Site

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As customers adopt more service based computing resources like cloud hosting, it’s only logical that they will also now ask more of their hosting provider to ensure they are getting the correct solution.

So we thought hey, let’s produce an infographic to take customers through a simple decision making process on a route to the solution that’s right for them.

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Infographic by Rackspace Hosting


Travelling by Train in Russia

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Are you going travel to Russia. Would you like to buy Russian train tickets? Well you don’t need to if you want to feel yourself for a moment Russian. Train hiking is very common, some do it for fun some for just saving the ticket price.


Hotel Made From Recycled Wine Barrels

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The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands salvaged four wine casks from Switzerland and converted them into rooms. Formerly filled with 14,500 liters of Beaujolais wine from the French chateau, each now holds a modest two-person room with standard amenities and even an attached bathroom and a sitting room.

The one thing that might bother you, if you’re not a wine enthusiast, is the smell of wine that the barrels still maintain. All in all the Barrel Hotel, in Stavoren, northern Netherlands, makes for a very pleasurable experience. General rates for a cask room are from 74-119 Euros a night with discounts of up to 75% off depending on season. If you go in the wintertime, a wine cask room can be as low as 18 Euros a night, cheaper than most hostels.