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Top Gear - Ferrari Testarossa

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The car is a Ferrari Testarossa sports produced by the Italian manufacturer Ferrari in the years 1984-98. The Testarossa has a central engine rear 12 cylinders. It replaced in the range Ferrari BB 512, also boxer engine plant. Engine It was technically a V12 at 180 °, with the crankshaft level and cylinders opposite. The power was 390 hp (291 kW), the car won many admirers and made enough evidence Comparison, also appeared on the cover of Road & Track magazine in just nine times Five years. A total of 7,177 were produced Testarossas, making it one of Current models of Ferrari most common, despite the high price and exotic design. The price of Testarossa in the USA It was $ 181,000 in 1989, including $ 2,700 A prosecutor "thief gas." The initial selling price in the UK was £ 62.666.
This car became a synonym for the 80s and now plays a Retro part of the culture of the 80s, such popularity means that the Testarossa has appeared in numerous video games, including their illustrations, in particular Out Run, and in the television series Miami Vice from the third season. Even At that time it became a popular aftermarket body as a component for Games. The Testarossa still makes frequent appearances in video games. It leaves of constructed in 1998 when ceases production of F512. Enjoy the video and wonder of this technique.