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Awesome Electric Violin - Ed Busking Chester

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Ed Alleyne-Johnson Busking Electric Violin in Chester UK - May 2006
Fantastic - This is perhaps the best street performance I have ever witnessed. Reminiscent of Jean Luc Ponte's visceral fusion sound. This is in the city of Chester near Wales. Chester has perhaps the only double decker shopping plaza streets, with a second level up off the street within the buildings, balconies running all the way down the streets. jablesj comments - "They were made by the victorians so that rich people would not get wet while out in the rain."
The sound is unaltered from the original and was emancipated at great volume in this old town.
Ed uses the looper and pedals to great effect. There are no overdubs. Incredible he commanded this fantastic show all by himself, I stood enraptured with all the hair on my body standing on end, grin stretched wide. You can see where he looked up to see my ebullient smile just before he grins and kicks in the distortion. This has been a tremendous inspiration for me. I had never heard him or heard of him before this performance. Ed is awesome! I got some albums of his from the web since hearing this. I hope I can see him again one day.

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