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Stainless Steel Mouse Mod For Some Heavy Duty Clickin

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With a bit of free time at your disposal you can redesign all your computer accessories from scratch. And I ain’t talking about some crappy modifications – adding switches here and lights there. I’m talking real hard core stuff.

The administrator of a site called had some time to spare so he took up a plastic mouse and transformed into what can only be described as a mouse fit for an emperor. It is stainless steel (stainless steel 18/10 to be precise) right down to its interiors! Even the connector has been cast from steel. This mouse mod is based on Microsoft’s IntelliMouse Optical and is USB+PS/2 compatible.

It took the creator nearly 8 months to make this thing. It would be really tough to top that. And as far as its workability is concerned, creator claims that it is ergonomic and fully functional. With all the steel this thing is obviously heavy but its novelty and bling is sure going to add a glint to all the eye cast on it.


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